Women's Wisdom and Wellbeing

Women's Wisdom and Wellbeing

Women's Wisdom and Wellbeing

About Women's Wisdom & Wellbeing

Participants per session: Up to 80
Cost per session: $10,000 plus GST
Length: Face-to-face – 3 hours
Perfect for: Women 18+ 

Women experience higher rates of mental disorders than men. Despite popular belief, it can be just as difficult for women to open up to their family, friends or colleagues about their struggles with mental health.

That’s why we created Women’s Wisdom and Wellbeing – a unique workshop run by women that allows others to come together over dinner to learn and talk about mental health in a safe and supportive environment.

What are the benefits?

  • Bring women together in a safe environment, to support and promote the “normalisation” of the mental health conversation
  • Share experiences to promote personal connection and belonging
  • Break down stigma, discrimination, myths and understanding
  • Develop first-level skills to be aware of our own wellbeing and the steps to support, starting a supportive mental health conversation with family, friends and colleagues
  • Provide a supportive environment

What does a workshop look like?

  • An introduction to the event and promoting a safe space for all
  • Dinner and an opportunity for social connection
  • Sharing from two women with lived experiences of trauma and anxiety to normalise the mental health narrative and break down concepts of stigma and discrimination
  • Art therapy session, sharing ways to communicate through art and encouraging open conversations
  • Sharing and developing mental health skills – recognising signs of distress, first steps to support reaching out and starting a conversation
  • Q and A session with all speakers
  • Comedy from a woman with lived experience
  • Opportunity for further discussion and support following the session and connections to local support and resources
  • We also have a local guest presenter, to keep the connection with each local community

If you would like to stay in the loop about our next Women’s Widsom & Wellbeing workshop, send us an email at training@breakthroughfoundation.org.au.

Upcoming Sessions

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