To create a life free from mental illness.

Mental illness is going to be the biggest health challenge in our lifetime. It consumes lives, it ruins lives and it takes lives.

Right now, one in five Australians has a mental health issue, and more people between 15-44 years are dying from suicide than any other cause.

This is not acceptable.

Breakthrough is Australia’s first – and only – foundation purely focused on raising funds to invest in life-changing mental health research.

Our goal is to fund evidence-based research to better understand what
causes mental illness, how to reduce its impact and ultimately prevent mental illness from happening in the first place.

Join us in creating a life free from mental illness.

Research breakthroughs will ultimately prevent and cure mental illness

Debbie’s Story

Debbie’s daughter Maddy took her own life. She would have been 25 this year.

“I am very passionate about supporting mental health research. I do not want suicide to have the devastating effect on others that it had on my family. I don’t want mental illness to cause pain to anyone else.”

Read Debbie’s story here.


Justyna’s Story

Living with postnatal depression can feel like living in a bubble.

“On my worst days, I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even pick up and comfort my baby”

Justyna, mum of Sebastian and Helenka

Read Justyna’s story here.


Matty’s Story

As the days roll on and the years tick over, I’m still fighting. I go into battle every single day. The odds feel stacked against me.  

Read Matty’s story here.


New building to help tackle eating disorders

Thanks to you, treatment and care for South Australians suffering from eating disorders will be enhanced with a new $7.1 million world-class centre of excellence for eating disorders services.

Learn more about the new Statewide Eating Disorder Service building here.


New building to help tackle eating disorders

New building to help tackle eating disorders

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation is proposing to build a world-class centre for excellence for eating disorder services in South Australia.

The new Statewide Eating Disorders Service (SEDS) building will bring together the best clinical service in Australia and integrate it with a world leading research team.

The aim, Breakthrough Executive Director John Mannion says, is to provide the best treatment for people with eating disorders and their families, while also seeking answers to this all-consuming disease.

Learn more about the new SEDS building here.

Funded research projects

Research Themes

Research will find the causes and triggers of mental illness, help us to recognise the early warning signs, guide the development of new technology, and make sure that mental health treatment is based on the best scientific evidence.

Research breakthroughs will ultimately prevent and cure mental illness.

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