Our team

Wanted to be an astronaut, professional soccer player or chef

John Mannion


Wanted to be a palaeontologist, an archaeologist or an astronaut

Raquel Dillon

Head of Development

Wanted to be a famous actress

Sharn Elder

Training Manager

Wanted to be a flight attendant

Despina Pastrikos

Business Manager

Wanted to be a marine biologist

Jade Spicer

Development Manager

Wanted to be a singing chef

Brooke Williams

Partnerships & Philanthropy Manager

Wanted to be an artist or a pop star

Harriet Gun

Design & Digital Specialist

Wanted to be Batman or own a Mr Whippy ice cream truck

Zane Kirkwood

Community Engagement Specialist

Wanted to own a restaurant

Tom Bell

Media & Communications Specialist

Wanted to be an olympic swimmer

Magda Pearce

Events Specialist

Wanted to be a ballerina

Ava Elder-Steele

Fundraising Officer

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