Men's Meals and Mental Health

Men's Meals and Mental Health

Men's Meals and Mental Health

About Men's Meals & Mental Health

Participants per session: Up to 80
Cost per session: $10,000 plus GST
Length: Face-to-face – 3 hours
Perfect for: Men 18+

Men aged 18-44 are the most at-risk group for taking their own lives. We are often scared to admit that we are not okay for fear of being judged, considered weak, or a burden on our family and friends  – even though that is simply untrue. That’s why four ordinary blokes got together with one extraordinary purpose in mind: to bring men together to change the mental health conversation.

Jeremy Edwards, Zane Kirkwood, Marc Ryan and Breakthrough’s CEO, John Manion decided enough was enough and so they committed to going into communities – one pub or sporting club at a time – to talk about mental health over a pint and a parmi. 

What are the benefits?

  • Bring men together in a safe environment, to support and promote the “normalisation” of the mental health conversation
  • Share experiences to promote personal connection and belonging
  • Break down stigma, discrimination, myths and understanding
  • Develop first-level skills to be aware of our own wellbeing and the steps to support, starting a supportive mental health conversation with family, friends and colleagues
  • Provide a supportive environment 

What does a workshop look like?

  • An initial warm-up exercise focused on what persona you wish to present to the world and how it compares to what you actually feel
  • Dinner and an opportunity for social connection
  • Sharing from two men with lived experience of suicidality and anxiety to normalise the mental health narrative and break down concepts of stigma and discrimination
  • Sharing and developing mental health skills – recognising signs of distress, first steps to support, reaching out and starting a conversation
  • Q and A session with all speakers
  • “Step to the line” exercise to promote openness, safe vulnerability and connection
  • Comedy from a man with lived experience
  • Opportunity for further discussion and support following the session and connections to local support and resources
  • We also have a local guest presenter, to keep the connection with each local community

The project has been funded by The Masonic Charities to extend the program for 3 years.

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