Mental wellness in the finance industry

Nodifi has teamed up with the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation to provide a mental health webinar specifically for those working in the finance industry.

The webinar cover mental wellness in the workplace, including:

  • Strategies to look after yourself
  • Signs and symptoms to look for (5 signs)
  • How to assist work colleagues in need
  • Open Q&A forum answering questions from attendees

Breakthrough’s Executive Director John Mannion will be one of the guest panelists during the webinar, along with Joep van Agteren, Research Lead at SAHMRI (Wellbeing and Resilience Centre) and Tom Caesar, Chief Executive Officer at Nodifi.

“As an industry we have not seen challenging time like this since the GFC, and for many newcomers to the industry, they haven’t seen difficulties like this at all,” Tom said.

“In these unprecedented times it’s important that we all stick together and support each other, particularly from a mental health perspective.”

The webinar will take place Wednesday 6 May 2020 10.15-10.45am (ACST). You can register your interest here.

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