Sporting clubs across South Australia will be tackling mental health head on…

will yours?

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation will host its community round this year on August 15, to raise awareness to connect, educate and invest in Australia’s best mental health research.

More than 80 football clubs, 10 netball clubs and even a rugby club registered for the inaugural round last year but this year, we are opening it up to all clubs across all sporting codes across the state.

The incredible success of the inaugural round in 2019 saw thousands of dollars raised with the opportunity to open the mental health discussion and provide mental health first aid training for participating clubs.

That is why Breakthrough is pleased to announce Fleurieu Milk Company as its partner for the 2020 community round.

Fleurieu Milk Company Sales and Marketing Manager Clay Sampson said the partnership aligned well as it matched the group’s core values.

“Fleurieu Milk Company strongly believes research behind mental illness is vital, and key to improving the lives of future generations. We as a business, are very community minded and feel that sporting clubs can offer a great support networks to the broader community,” Mr Sampson said.

“This is why funds raised in the round that go towards mental health first aid training for all sporting clubs is so important.”

With one in five Australians diagnosed with a mental health issue and more people aged between 15-44 years dying from suicide than any other cause – groundbreaking research is imperative to understand what causes mental illness, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening.

While 2020’s sporting season looks a bit different this year due to the impacts of COVID-19, it’s never been more important to support the mental health and wellbeing of players, officials, volunteers and supporters.

Breakthrough Executive Director John Mannion said mental illness is going to be the biggest health challenge in our lifetime.

“Mental illness consumes lives. It ruins lives. It takes lives,” Mr Mannion said.

“That’s where sporting clubs have such a huge impact in their communities by being trusted voices and an ideal vehicle to drive the message about mental health awareness.”

Grab your teammates and register your club now. The official round will take place August 15 but we understand with the shortened season this year, another date might be more suitable.

Para Hills Football Club took part in the round last year and raised more than $15,000 to support mental health research.

“We recognise our role in the community and the kind of leadership we could be providing in this space,” Club Chairman Scott Charlton.

“Especially with our juniors coming up through the club, we want it to be a conversation they feel comfortable having and knowing they are supported.”

Join us for the Breakthrough Community Round supported by Fleurieu Milk at https://breakthroughcommunityround.com/ and start raising money!

Once registered, teams will be sent out purple and blue arm band tape for players and officials to wear during the match as a symbol of commitment to tackle mental health head on. You will also have access to a range of fundraising collateral, tools and resources to help you in your efforts.

Want to get involved? Contact Breakthrough Community Engagement Specialist Jade Spicer at jspicer@breakthroughfoundation.org.au

We want to give people within our community sporting clubs the ability to have a mental health conversation with players, supporters and officials. This is an important first step in tackling mental health illness head on.

Together we can help create a life free from mental illness.

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