Road to recovery

In February, as part of the Riverland Flood Recovery, SAFM’s Bec & Soda and The Garden of Unearthly Delights presented a special free concert for the flood affected communities in the Riverland, and SAFM chose Breakthrough to be their charity partner.

Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom, SAFM host and long-time friend of Breakthrough, spoke of why Breakthrough was chosen.

“We have all seen the devastation that these floods have caused, and these local Riverland communities deserved something special. With the work that Breakthrough do in the community to help those in or after a crisis, we knew they would be the perfect choice to partner with us.”

The Riverland Garden Party was an enormous night of all-star comedy and circus performances, starring Tom Gleeson, Harley Breen, Ivan Aristeguieta, Markus Birdman from Best of the Edinburgh Fest, Dave Thornton, Laser Kiwi and many others.

The most exciting part, however, was that the West End Community Fund have made an incredible $50,000 donation to Breakthrough to provide Mental Health First Aid Training, Men’s Meals and Mental Health and Women’s Wisdom and Wellbeing workshops.

In the aftermath of the damaging floods, the training and workshops will allow Breakthrough to provide the communities with the tools needed to start mental health conversations, help those in a mental health crisis and learn the warning signs of those in distress.

To support Breakthrough to help more communities that experience hardship, you can make a donation below.