Breakthrough has also partnered with the University of South Australia to explore a range of early investigator projects.

Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Enterprise, University of South Australia said:

“Research is the only way to find the causes and triggers of mental illness, and to make sure that mental health treatment is based on the best, most effective scientific advice.

“That’s why we’re so honoured to be joining forces with Breakthrough, who also understand the importance of forging bonds and research partnerships.”


  1. Developing a technology-based-solution to improve the health and mental wellbeing of formerly incarcerated women

Lead Chief Investigator: Susannah Emery; Co-Investigators: Dr Michele Jarldon, Dr Jane Andrew, Seeds of Affinity

Priority Area: Depression


2. Empowering young women through mental health peer support

Lead Chief Investigator: Dr Michele Jarldon; Co-Investigators: Professor Nicole Moulding, Dr Jane Andrew

Priority Area: Youth Mental Health


3. Using Virtual Reality to improve mental health in palliative care

Lead Chief Investigator: Associate Professor Tobias Loetscher; Co-Investigators: Megan Corlis, Associate Professor Amanda Hutchinson, Associate Professor Ross Smith, Associate Professor Hannah Keage, University of Adelaide, NALHN

Priority Area: Depression


4. Prototyping of the evidence-informed co-designed therapeutic approach for Noongar children with abuse and neglect related trauma with Aboriginal healing practitioners

Lead Chief Investigator: Professor Victoria Hovane; Co-Investigators: Professor Leah Bromfield, Dr Sharni Chan, Yorgum Healing Services, Ralph Mogridge

Priority Area: Indigenous Mental Health

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