Reports of schoolyard bullying have reduced 25 per cent among primary school students who took part in the Big Talks for Little People mental health program.

The program was piloted in eight metropolitan public, independent and Catholic schools this year involving more than 340 students and staff.

A recent review found that one in four of the participating students reported experiencing less bullying after the program ran at their school.

The report says anxiety has also reduced and there were improvements in positive peer relationships, self-esteem and the ability to self-regulate behaviour such as anger and sadness.

Our Saviour Lutheran School principal Paula Skinner said the year 5 and 6/7 classes took part and she had noticed the students had a greater resilience when working through emotional and social conflict challenges.

“This (program) should be offered across our state,” Ms Skinner said.

Run over six lessons, children aged eight to 12 were taught how to identify and understand ‘big feelings’ to build resilience and inclusivity, and learn ways to deal with trauma, such as bullying and stress.

Thanks to Advertiser to showcasing the importance of the project earlier this week.


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