Precision Research

To increase our knowledge about what is happening in the brain that causes a mental illness.

While most mental health research has focused on how to treat someone following a diagnosis, precision research drills into the science of the brain to look at what causes mental illness.

It’s time the question was answered – why does mental illness occur?

Early Intervention

Recognising the signs of mental health issues and stopping them as soon as possible before they turn into a mental illness which consumes, ruins or takes lives.

When it comes to mental health, early intervention leads to better outcomes and less devastating effects.

New Technologies

Developing new ways to manage mental health issues and prevent and cure mental illness.

In a technology-dependent society, how can we create the tools and technologies – often found at our fingertips – to win the battle against mental health issues?

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation will drive the development of new tools to find the answers we desperately seek.

Next Generation Therapies

Turning research into practice and closing the gap between research discoveries and real benefits for people.

It can often take years and decades to translate mental health research into treatment. Together, we can test and trial new research and help people sooner.

By accelerating research into practice, it opens the possibilities of more targeted personal treatments and better outcomes for everyone who is directly or indirectly touched by mental health problems.

Funded Research projects

Grant Round Research Funding

Lack of funding is the only thing stopping researchers from finding the answers that can create a life free from mental illness.

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation is tackling mental health head on by funding ground breaking research that will help to transform the lives of those affected by mental health issues.

Mental health issues are growing at an alarming rate, with existing services unable to slow the growth of mental illness – the biggest health challenge in our lifetime – and its devastating impacts.

Research breakthroughs will ultimately prevent and cure mental illness
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