Prototyping of the evidence-informed co-designed therapeutic approach for Noongar children with abuse and neglect related trauma with Aboriginal healing practitioners

2022 – University of South Australia

Researchers: Lead Chief Investigator: Professor Victoria Hovane; Co-Investigators: Professor Leah Bromfield, Dr Sharni Chan, Yorgum Healing Services, Ralph Mogridge and Associates

Priority Area: Indigenous Mental Health


A multi-staged approach of an Aboriginal-led collaboration. In stage one, an evidence-informed, community-led healing framework was developed for Noongar children impacted by abuse and neglectrelated trauma and their families.

In its second stage, University of South Australia and Yorgum Healing Services investigators tested and refined the framework with Aboriginal practitioners who work with the children in preparation for applying it in the community.

A key outcome of this project was transforming the communities healing goals into a strong, practical, and actionable strategy that benefits communities. This framework has now been translated into eight accessible resources about trauma and healing for the Noongar community.