Circadian sleep rhythms and the impact of mood disorders

University of Sydney (Brain and Mind Centre) 2021

Researcher: Dr Jacob Crouse

Breakthrough funded a multi-year research fellowship with a project aimed at examining whether factors related to sleep and circadian rhythms can predict the onset and course of mood disorders in young people.

The findings of this project to date have been groundbreaking, shedding light on several unknowns regarding the link between sleep, circadian rhythms and mood disorders. The research has highlighted a crucial need for further investigation of the potential causes of mood disorders, including environmental light exposure, light sensitivity, seasonality and circadian genes which has the potential to lead to new and personalised treatments.

Breakthrough Fellowship recipient, Dr Jacob Crouse has since been named as an investigator on a National Centre of Research Excellence in Bipolar Disorders. The multimillion-dollar funding scheme will have a significant focus on sleep and circadian rhythms in the early phases of these illnesses. Dr Crouse’s Breakthrough Fellowship was a key aspect of his track record that allowed his assessment to be successful.

This is the first collaboration between Breakthrough and the University of Sydney.