Mental Health with FIVEaa

Mental Health with FIVEaa From April to November, Breakthrough will be participating in monthly radio segments on FIVEaa, highlighting mental health stories and the impact that mental health research can provide. Episode #1 – Youth Suicide – Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia (aged 15–24). […]

Welcome to 2022

If 2021 has shown us anything, it’s that life can still throw us curve balls and derail our plans, even when we think everything is in place. But it’s also showed us how our ability to cope with things outside of our control – our resilience – can ensure our long term wellbeing. The past […]

Back to school

Back to School: Looking after your children’s mental health Going back to school, or ever starting school for the first time, is set to look a bit different in 2022. Omicron has posed a number of alterations to the classroom including staggered starts and learning from home. It’s not uncommon for students, and even parents, […]

Suicide prevention bill passed in South Australia

Breakthrough welcomes the successful passing of Australia’s first Suicide Prevention Bill The Bill establishes a Suicide Prevention Council as a statutory body and builds on the work of the Premier’s Council on Suicide Prevention. Breakthrough Executive Director John Mannion said the Bill provided a framework for the state. “The Bill will support a whole of government approach […]

New ‘purple label’ supporting mental health for Fleurieu Milk

Breakthrough is joining forces with the team at Fleurieu Milk Company to help raise awareness around mental health. Throughout the month of November, 50c from the sale of 2L Farm Fresh will go directly to funding mental health research, so look out for the specially designed purple label! The two organisations are each committed to improving the […]

World Mental Health Day

Sunday 10 October 2022 is World Mental Health Day and the message this year is that mental health is relevant to everyone – now more than ever. Despite the increase in awareness and general reduction of stigma in some instances, there is still an enormous gap in access to mental health care and availability of […]

The ABS releases causes of death data for 2020

The Australian Bureau of Statistics causes of death data provides important information each year about the rates of suicide in our community. 3,139 deaths were recorded as lives lost to suicide in 2020, and despite being the lowest rate recorded since 2016, it still equates to almost nine lives lost every single day. Breakthrough Executive Director […]

Lockdown and Mental Health

Lockdown and your mental health Lockdown is never easy, and isolation can be extremely difficult, which is why it is so important to be kind to yourself during this time. Monitoring your mental health and ensuring you are looking after yourself and your family is vital. The current situation not only in South Australia, but […]

Successful Spark Grant

The Spark Grants from the Fay Fuller Foundation are designed to help organisations explore a big idea.  An idea that could change the way we respond to mental health, shift us from response to prevention, or strengthen individual or community capability to build better mental health and wellbeing for the South Australian community. And we […]

The Breakthrough Podcast

The mental health conversation has never been so strong. But we need to make sure people are listening. Our new podcast series, hosted by Jess Adamson, will feature interviews with courageous people who share their personal stories about their lived experience of mental health issues. It will link these experiences to research by also speaking […]