Include a gift in your will to help create a life free from mental illness.

At Breakthrough, we firmly believe that research is the answer. Mental illness will be the biggest health challenge of our lifetime so please consider please consider a gift in your will to Breakthrough to create a life free from mental illness.

Breakthrough is Australia’s only dedicated mental health research foundation and is a leading driver in changing the narrative around mental health. That’s where you can help.

The impact of our donors has changed the lives of many including vital research into depression, youth mental health, indigenous mental health and eating disorders. Imagine creating that change yourself.

A will is an important legal document to have to ensure the protection of your loved ones.

It is a way to ensure important decisions such as your wishes, your dependents and your property and assets are looked after.

After you take care of your loved ones, you can donate a set amount or even a small percentage of your estate to Breakthrough.

At Breakthrough we are committed to creating a life free from mental illness. We want to give people a chance at freedom – freedom to live your life without restriction, to chase your dreams, to leave your home, build relationships…to fall in love. Freedom from economic and social costs and impacts. Your generosity will impact the lives of people who are faced with these issues every day, and through science-based research will help to

  1. Reduce the severity and incidence of mental illness
  2. Actively reduce suicide rates; currently sitting at 9 people a day in Australia
  3. Investigate new models of treatment and care with universities
  4. Empower people in our community to look after their mental health

To include Breakthrough in your will or to find out more information, contact Raquel Dillon, Head of Development, via email at: