Breakthrough’s desire to dive in and look at mental health in more detail is why we are dedicated to research.

Mental health continues to be the biggest health crisis of our time and we need to investigate the causes and invest in early interventions so we can truly make a difference.

Breakthrough has been fortunate to have extremely close relationships with a number of universities and that is set to grow this year. From our long-established connections with Flinders University and the Orama Institute, to new connections with researchers at the University of South Australia, the University of Adelaide and the University of Sydney.

Breakthrough is extremely proud, that with your continued support, we have been able to fund many important research grants at Flinders University this year – which was detailed in our last newsletter – that incorporates mental health in sport, depression and trauma, eating disorders, doctor’s mental health and Aboriginal mental health presentation at the Women’s and Children’s, among others.

We will also provide a further three grants to UniSA that will focus on:

  1. Exploring mental health peer support for young women at risk (youth mental health)
  2. Understanding the emotional and practical support needs of family care-partners of veterans for reducing depression and promoting wellbeing (depression)
  3. New Hope for Post-Stroke Depression Treatment: Evaluating and optimising a promising brain-based therapy

It’s an exciting year ahead for research in mental health and we look forward to sharing the outcomes with you later in the year, as well as the new projects we will look to fund.