Mental Health First Aid Course in Australia

Mental health is a critical issue in our society. Almost half of us will experience a mental illness in our lifetime, so it’s essential that we take steps to address it.

Breakthrough has an extensive suite of training programs and workshops designed to empower the community with the skills and knowledge to support and promote positive mental health.

Mental health first aid can play a critical role in equipping individuals and organisations with the tools and resources they need to support those experiencing mental health challenges. It can help to reduce stigma, increase awareness and understanding, and promote early intervention and prevention.

Why take a Mental Health First Aid course with Breakthrough?

  1. For a cause: We are not for profit, and we do not receive any government funding. We are solely supported by organisations and community members and all profits raised through our training programs are re-invested into vital mental health research.

  2. Expertly trained: Our facilitators have received extensive training to be able to deliver Mental Health First Aid training based on the most recent and effective evidence-based research.

  3. Lived experience: There is lived experience within our team of facilitators who will deliver the program with compassion, care and commitment to empowering you to help those in need.

Why Mental Health Training and Awareness?

Help save lives

Mental health training and awareness can help save lives by enabling individuals to identify and respond to warning signs of those experiencing mental distress or in a mental health crisis. This can be especially critical in situations where professional help may not be immediately available.

Increase awareness of mental illness

Can empower individuals to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness in themselves and others. This knowledge can help reduce stigma and increase access to appropriate support and treatment.

Improve response 

Mental training and awareness equips individuals with the skills and confidence to respond appropriately to someone who may be developing a mental health problem or worsening of an existing mental health problem. This can help prevent a situation from escalating and ensure that the person receives the help they need earlier.

Enhance overall wellbeing

Mental health training and awareness can improve overall wellbeing by promoting self-care and resilience. It teaches individuals how to prioritise their own mental health needs and develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with stress and life challenges.

Accredited courses

By completing your mental health first aid training, you will become fully accredited as a mental health first aider for 3 years, through the internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid Australia.

We invite you to explore our mental health training programs and discover how we can help you and your community to build mental health literacy and resilience.

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