Sporting clubs across South Australia will be tackling mental health head on over the weekend of June 22 in the inaugural Breakthrough Community Round.

A number of clubs will wear purple and blue armbands to raise funds for Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation and increase awareness of the importance of mental health research.

Right now, one in five Australians has a mental health issue, and more people between 15-44 years are dying from suicide than any other cause.

Breakthrough Executive Director John Mannion applauded sporting clubs for their commitment to supporting the foundation’s mission to create a life free from mental illness.

“Mental illness is becoming the biggest health challenge of our lifetime and we need new research and new approaches to beat it,” John said.

“Sporting clubs are trusted voices in their communities and we’re grateful for their passion to join with us in supporting research into mental health which will get us closer to answering many of the unknowns.”

Money raised from Breakthrough Community Round will allow Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation to fund groundbreaking research to better understand what causes mental illness, how to treat it and how to prevent it from happening.

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation is Australia’s only dedicated mental health research foundation. For more information please contact us.

Because mental illness doesn’t discriminate and that includes all sporting communities, be it players, teammates, coaches, support staff and volunteers, or our friends and family on the sidelines

In the video below are just some of the brave and inspiring stories from within our football community… We thank them for sharing these with us.