Wellbeing and resilience are linked to protect against the development of mental illness, and recovery from mental health issues.

This has never been more important than in the current climate of Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is becoming more than a health and economic crisis, but also a mental health and wellbeing issue.

We appreciate the increased anxiety this situation will cause but it is vital to look after yourselves and your family during this time and focus on your mental health.

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation works very closely with the Órama Institute, a multi-disciplinary research institute for mental health, wellbeing, and neuroscience at Flinders University.

Órama Director Professor Mike Kyrios has been working to develop effective wellbeing interventions that can provide strategies to counter the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.

Follow these six STREAM tactics below to support your mental health if you are working from home, or during quarantine periods of isolation:

  1. Social networking: Social distancing is necessary, but it does not mean social networking cannot exist. Keep in touch with people through social media, phone calls or a text message.
  2. – Time out: Take time out from each other when at home for long periods of time. This helps to minimise the ongoing stress of being in a limited space with others.
  3. R – Relaxation, mindfulness or yoga: Managing anxiety can be helped through breathing, relaxation exercises, mindfulness, dancing and yoga.
  4. E – Exercise and entertainment: If you have a space where you can exercise, that’s always a good way to burn off energy. Alternatively, catch up on some reading, take part in Netflix and chill, challenge yourself in digital or board games, hobbies, playing music, or even dancing etc.
  5. A – Alternative thinking: Uncertainty can lead to heightened tension and stress. It’s often useful to think things through, even by talking to someone else, e.g. a trusted friend, family member or a counsellor.
  6. M – Mindful of others: Remember, this is a short-term situation and we can all get through if we work together. Maintain your caring relationships. Never forget that simple acts of kindness make us feel good about ourselves, the world and the future.


You can read more about STREAM here:

The Orama Institute STREAM Framework