Breakthrough and Adelaide Fringe: Partnering for mental health research

1 in 5 Australians are living with a mental illness right now, and almost half of us will have a mental health challenge in our lifetime.   

In 2024, Breakthrough Mental Health Foundation is Adelaide Fringe’s accessibility partner. Breakthrough exists to help create a life free from mental illness, by investing in vital mental health research that has an impact and changes people’s lives. Together, we’re championing the vital role of connection in nurturing mental health.  

This Fringe season, join us in celebrating the transformative power art can play through expression and shared experiences. As Australia’s only dedicated mental health research foundation, we cherish the impact of connection and community, and so we want to help spread mental health literacy to the arts. 

Adelaide Fringe performer and Breakthrough Ambassador, Marc Ryan aka ‘The Beautiful Bogan’, shares what value the partnership can bring: 

“The partnership between the Adelaide Fringe and Breakthrough is great because it helps us have those important conversations. It opens conversations about mental illness, and it lets people know that they’re not alone. 

 It sparks positive wellbeing when we’re sharing beautiful moments in time together. Even if it’s just enjoying the atmosphere of the Fringe, there’s this sense of togetherness that the festival provides throughout Adelaide.” 

Download the 10 steps to positive mental health and wellbeing 


In support of your journey this Fringe season, we invite you to explore Breakthrough's "10 Steps to Better Mental Health" booklet, available for download. These steps aim to guide you through the festival and beyond with a focus on self-care and positive connections. 


“Just remember, this Fringe, as you’re walking around enjoying that connection and sense of community with your friends, the arts can give you a glimmer; that glimmer can give you a glimpse; that glimpse can give you a smirk; that smirk can give you a laugh; and that laugh gives you hope.”

– Marc Ryan aka ‘The Beautiful Bogan’

Know the 5 signs of mental distress 

Because 1 in 5 are struggling with our mental health, you can look out for these 5 signs in yourself and those around you.

Let’s make this Adelaide Fringe not just a celebration of the arts, but a celebration of mental health and resilience.   

Here’s to a festival season filled with connection, belonging and flourishing mental health!  

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