Help fund breakthrough research that will help ease the suffering of children like Florence.

Little Florence dreams of becoming a ballerina.

Sadly though, the joy of performing with her friends has turned to debilitating terror.

And it’s not just dance recitals that bring it on.

At an age when most children are making best friends, discovering the joys of kindy and looking forward to birthday parties, Florence is suffering from severe anxiety.

It’s taken over her life, and her family’s too.

Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation is Australia’s first and only dedicated mental health research foundation.

We know that mental health issues like Florence’s are amongst the biggest challenges of our time. Please, will you help Breakthrough work towards a life free from mental illness with a donation today?

It’s a huge ambition but something we must start now.

Today, 8 Australians will die from suicide. A further 35 will attempt to take their lives. And millions of us will suffer in silence.

The distress Florence and her family experience shows just how urgently these solutions are needed.

A recent sleep over – which Florence’s parents celebrated as a huge step forward – has since turned into a catastrophe. Because of her anxiety, poor Florence is now criticising herself for everything – from what she wore and said that night, to wondering whether her friend really likes her.

Florence and her family are living a nightmare, but they are far from alone.

A primary school teacher recently told us: “we have five children in year six alone just like Florence.”

It illustrates the size of the problem. And that’s only among children. As for adults, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that one in five suffer from mental illness every year.

That means there’s every chance that one of your friends or family members suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar or any of the other illnesses that are now so prevalent.

And if you’re unaware of such suffering, it may be because so many people do so in silence – afraid of being stigmatised.

But here’s what amazes us. As a society, we accept that 20% of us will suffer from mental illness. We accept that even children as young as Florence will suffer.

We invest millions in working out what to do once people are diagnosed, but we never wonder what causes their illnesses.

Imagine if Australia had taken that attitude towards cancer, heart disease or diabetes? Major advancements we now take for granted would remain undiscovered.

Please, will you help Breakthrough find similar advancements for mental illness?

Your gift will fund research into the prevention and curing of mental illnesses. Research which, one day, could lead to an Australia free of mental illness.

Your generosity will help fund four key research areas:

  1. Precision Research to understand what happens in the brain to cause mental illness
  2. Early Intervention to recognise signs of mental health issues before they turn into mental illness
  3. New Technologies that can help manage mental health issues
  4. Next Generation Therapies that can turn research into practice more quickly and effectively.

 This is high level research, but all of us at Breakthrough are very pragmatic.

We’re already running innovative new programs to help with bullying in schools, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and preventing suicide among doctors.

As for an Australia free from mental illness, we know it’s a very big ambition. We know it will take time, dedication, and incredibly hard work. And it will also take something more – the support of compassionate people like you.

But when we think of the devastating effects mental illness has on Australians, from anxiety-riddled children to adults so depressed they believe their only escape is suicide, we know our efforts will be worth it.

Please, will you join Breakthrough in our work? Your gift today may help someone you know and love, and generations to come.

Thank you.

*For the protection and privacy of patients, images and names used throughout this page are for illustrative purposes only.

Adelaide Crows and Breakthrough – Tackling Mental Health HEAD ON

The Adelaide Football Club is proud to support Breakthrough to conduct research to better understand mental health and help improve the quality of life of all South Australians.

As Australia’s only dedicated mental health research foundation, Breakthrough exists to support ground breaking research that will help to transform the lives of those affected by mental health issues.

Research breakthroughs will ultimately prevent and cure mental illness
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