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Impact Report

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At Breakthrough, we exist to help create a life free from mental illness. Thanks to your generosity, our pursuit of this vision has produced incredible results. Our 2023 Impact Report showcases the work you enabled us to achieve and serves as a testament to the vital role you play in the journey toward research breakthroughs and better mental health outcomes for current and future generations.

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Highlights of advances in mental health research

Breakthrough’s work is funded through the generosity of organisations, community groups and individuals who are taking steps to change the challenging mental health statistics that we face within our community. 

We’ve made significant strides in advancing mental health research, awareness, and education. Some of the highlights from this report include: 

mental health charity impact report

But as we reflect on our accomplishments, we are reminded of the challenges that lie ahead.  

mental health issues within Australia

We believe it is going to take a truly collective effort to achieve the research breakthroughs that we desperately need, so we can better understand the causes, treatments, and prevention of mental illness. This is the way to investigate what works and what action needs to be taken to transform the lives of those affected by mental health issues, and ultimately, to help create a life free from mental illness.

How you can help

To find out more about how you can help create a life free from mental illness, click on the link below: